Writing Samples

Recently I was asked for a couple writing samples. Somehow this always becomes something of an info dump in my head. Questions: What do I send? What do I choose? Why didn’t I edit that other one into submission last week? How much time do I have? How much do I send?

Over the din in my head, I start sifting through the words. This one is too old. This one is too raw. This one is not indicative of my usual work.

Oh, but I like this one. But is it good enough? Nothing is above suspicion. I’ve started trying to uncover something that I might not remember so well. Part of me thinks it might be a great time to make notes about how to make these writings better. Sure, it’s published, but it could still improve. It could always improve.

I hope I find something that is good enough. More than that, I hope I can convince myself that it is the best of my work so far.

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