Need a Break

And sometimes it is good to allow that. There’s a lot going on outside my writing life, and sometimes the writing goals are the ones that need to give. It’s been 41 days of my 1500 words per day writing goal. The last three in a row I haven’t made it. However, my work-in-progress is at 64k words. It’s nearly done, and I promised myself to sketch out the remaining scenes today. Should push me over 65k, and I can live with that.

Preschool begins today. Different activities for my daughter also begin this week. I traveled over the holiday weekend, and we had fun.

But I also remember it is 58 more days (including today) until NaNoWriMo begins. And I want to write another novel in that time, probably at the same pace I wrote this one. Even if I get it to the point I have drafted Book 2, Book 3 will be in decent shape for rewrites. My outline for Book 3 is stronger than Book 2’s was before writing. I think I can give myself a few days – at least until after the weekend – until I start the next book.

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