Demons Are Jackasses – An Interview with Tru

I invited Frankie Blooding to bring one of her characters in to talk about Demons are Jackasses. So excited about this book and I hope you will be, too. I couldn’t get a word in edgewise, but I don’t mind.

Hey, folks! Today I’m here with Tru, Paige’s brother-in-law as we discuss Demons Are Jackasses! We’ve got a lot—

*waves excitedly* Hey, guys!

*frowns* Not yet. *turns back to the audience* We’ve got a great line-up for you this month as we build up the excitement for the book which is currently available only in—

*the EMF meter buzzes loudly*

*@_@ at Tru*

*frantically turns it off while studying it and trying to find the source of the EMF…at the same time*

*talks over the buzzing* Anyway, it’s still only available in paperback, but the book is SO pretty!! I really recommend having it in paperback. I’m…mildly distracted by the–*takes EMF meter and turns it off*–character joining us today! His name is Tru and he’s a ghost hunter, if you couldn’t tell.

*grabs the EMF Meter from Frankie and turns it back on* There is something here with us!

*leans over and whispers back* It’s the readers, you doof! They would show up as energy since this is CYBER SPACE!

*thinking frown*

*takes the meter away and sits on it*


Anyway! Wow! He’s distracting! Tru is a really FUN character and I usually enjoy having him IN the scenes! He’s originally from Texas and Webster’s definition of the word “Geek”. Please help me welcome Tru!

*turns beat red and grabs digital voice recorder*

So, Tru, tell us a little bit about yourself.

You just did.

*grins and says through teeth* So tell them something else, you twit! You’re the one who wanted to do the interview.

*talks through grin* That was BEFORE the spotlight was on me.

Just relax. Be yourself. You’ll be fine.

*deep breath* Well, I’m the husband to Paige’s sister and a proud father of three—oh, wait, at this point we’re at two and a half – children.

Why don’t you tell us what it’s like living in the Ansley household.

It’s a ZOO! *dead pan look at audience* No. Really. Alma is the craziest witch I’ve ever met. This woman can make the house shake on the foundations! And she knows how to weld the wooden spoon. Like, seriously, my hand’s been nearly broken more times than I can count!

LMAO!! I’ve seen that happen a time or two!

You laugh! My oldest daughter is a fire starter, so when she’s pissed off, fire comes shooting out of her ears! It makes it really tough to be a father! So, I let me wife wear the pants. I prefer not being the pig on the spit, so I’m the nice Dad. My middle son is a bard, of all things. Now, here’s me, the dumb dad, thinking, “Hey, having a bard as a son is SAFE! My daughter might be trying to kill me, but my son is going to be AWESOME! Ohhhhhh noooooo! He threw a tantrum at the age of two and broke every glass bottle in the pickle aisle!

ROFL!!! Pooor Tru!

I MIGHT, maybe, get my pants back after the little one (that you’ll see in Angels) is grown and out of the house. But let’s just say that being the Muggle in the Ansley house SUCKS!

*picking self off floor* What are your thoughts on Paige?

*pauses…blinks…shifts in chair…explodes* Thank GOD I married the one that talks to dead people!

*chuckling* Okay, well, folks, that’s all the time we have right now! Stay tunes and be sure to check out Demons Are Jackasses!! It really is a great story!

One thought on “Demons Are Jackasses – An Interview with Tru

  1. LMAO! This was a really funny interview! Oooohhhhh, that Tru! What a dork!

    Thank you so much for letting me stop by!!!

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