Free Short Story

Turning a new page always means putting something else out there, doesn’t it? So I want to share my work, and I’m joining a bunch of authors who are giving something away for free.

My friend Sarah Holroyd and I have been working out the details all weekend, between figuring out a copyright page and writing a new biography. The cover photograph is courtesy of NASA. It makes me wonder where it was taken – how far away from us is that place?

The story is available in MOBI (Kindle), EPUB, and PDF formats. I think between those everyone can find something compatible with their electronic devices.

I’d love to hear from you after you read the story. It doesn’t have to be more than you liked it (or not). I’m simply curious. Remember it’s good to try to keep up with the writer – I’ll likely do this again.

Don’t think I’m doing this in lieu of getting published in magazines. My focus right now is to get a novel polished and be ready to go to the Iowa City Summer Writer’s Festival next week, though I’m not taking the novel there. I’ll definitely be sharing more about that later. A friend of mine just got back and said it was like his work had been a pinata, but now he’s ready to go get published. I hope he does! It worked for him last year.

Here’s the story: Burning Bright. Enjoy!

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