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What do you say when someone asks what you do? I’m sure for some people it’s easy. Some people go to work and go home and stop working.

They’re not writers.

Not many of us can stay at home full time and crank out the stories, even if we’d prefer to do just that. So we work more, during the day at our regular jobs and during the evenings typing by the light of silver screens.

Sometimes we’re lucky and get in print. Then the marketing fun begins. It’s interesting that so many writers are introverts, but the few who aren’t seem to be the ones who are successful at ¬†marketing.

And still, they all have their day jobs. At least, the ones at the Book Event did. We all mention our other activities, like we’re finding things in common. We write books on so many subjects we have something for everyone who reads.

It’s hard to write a book for people who don’t read.

So sometimes I mention the stay-at-home mother thing. Other times I don’t know what to say. I tutor and teach. And all the time, I write. It’s a career if that’s what I put my time and passion into, no matter how much money it makes. Right?

Artists work not for fame or fortune.

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