Blueberry Girl, by Neil Gaiman

Blueberry Girl was a gift to my daughter by a friend of mine. It was written by Neil Gaiman, and illustrated by Charles Vess.

It’s a beautiful book with full-color illustrations. A little repetition keeps her attention and large words (I hope) spark her vocabulary.

I know she’s only one, but she listens to everything. She says more words every day, and though they’re not completely clear, she’s getting more expressive.

I haven’t let her pick this one up and carry it around the house yet. It’s not a favorite of hers, but I like reading it to her. The words are calm and the pictures don’t excite her, which makes Blueberry Girl a great choice for bedtime.

2 thoughts on “Blueberry Girl, by Neil Gaiman

  1. My Mum got that book for me to help inspire me in my childrens stories, then she finally read the stories I had sent to her months before, and told me I don’t need the inspiration after all. I’m taking that as a good thing. =)

  2. That’s awesome, Shawna! Keep at it- I always like listening to them.

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