Weekend Downtime

Every time I visit my in-laws I am taken entirely away from the computer for a weekend. It’s nice to get a break and play with the kids. (I only have one, but there are also two nieces and a nephew.) My husband’s sister and I play games usually. My oldest niece is getting to the age where she can play quite a few with us, too.

However, it’s odd to not check email or blog. However, those two activities become so difficult when the only computer connected to the internet is located in the baby’s room. So either she’s awake and wanting to play, or she’s asleep and I don’t allow anyone (even me) to go in there and disturb her!

It gives me a good excuse to catch up on my knitting during the evenings when we chat or read during the mornings before anyone else is up. That doesn’t happen that often, but the option exists if I wake early enough.

I also get four hours each way in the car. Necessities for car travel include the iPod for listening to music, since we take my car with the booster seat, rather than my husband’s car with XM radio where we would have to switch the seat.

I also feel like I’m behind every time we go away. The laundry has to be done before and after, and while it shouldn’t be anything extra, it seems like it is. I dash around figuring out everything we need to take with us (the husband packs for himself, but I manage for the baby and me). I always forget something at home and something there. Usually it isn’t important enough to ship, but I don’t know how I can go through all that and miss things.

I suppose I ought to give myself permission to not have it all together. Perhaps next time.

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