It’s something that seems to be lacking in me these days.

I just want to do it all. And sometimes I don’t see anything wrong with that.

But it’s also good to evaluate goals at different points to understand where the progress is going. Or if you’re making progress at all. Or if the goals still mean something.

It doesn’t work to put all your effort into something that you decide isn’t important.

So, what’s the most important thing? Don’t Tell Your Mother is what I want to finish this year for writing projects, which is why I have the rest of the things on hold. Even if they keep beating my brain trying to get out. I’m taking notes, but that’s all.

Hoping they’ll be a little quieter if I’m firm in my focus. The goal is still important to me! Just hang in there, help me rewrite my novel, and I’ll get to the rest of you crazy novel ideas.

I just don’t think they’re listening to me.

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