Writing on Friday

Huh. I wish.

I think I got trumped when I invited friends over. Housework wins… temporarily.

I should grab a notebook to brainstorm my 15-20 word outline. I have my blue-lined synopsis. It’s something. More when the house is clean… enough for guests.

Writers should have alternatives to housework. Like maids!

2 thoughts on “Writing on Friday

  1. Word.

    It seems like every time I sit down to work, I get called into a meeting with the breakfast dishes, or the never ending pile of dirty/clean/once clean but now covered in cat hair clothes that are perpetually spilling out of their laundry basket confines.

    And don’t even get me started on the giant hairball tumbleweeds that are roaming free-range style across my wood floors. I know they multiply like Trebles when you’re not looking. You may sweep up five, but there are ten or fifteen lurking under the bed, couch, or entertainment center just waiting for their turn to roam.

  2. See? All writers need maids. It ought to come in a standard package. 😉

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