A Blog Grader?

I saw my friend Sarah Holroyd posted about Twitter and how to find potential markets with it. Her link at the bottom was for Blog Grader.

So of course I ran over to check my blog. A lot of it is numbers that aren’t explained in detail – like what does it mean to get 85 for a blog grade? Does that mean I passed something?

I love the links at the bottom of things that give you more information. The best time of day to post, how often to post, and a blogging kit. Do they normalize that for time zone? Oh, now I’m just being silly.

That happens now and then.

So I’ll probably spend part of my morning finding the cool links, then dig into that chapter rewrite – if I get a chance with the baby running around the house. Nap, baby! – at least until the chapter is done!

I know, I know. It doesn’t work that way.

Neither does asking for all the teeth to come in at once.

Then we’ll be back to doing more reading. We have library books we haven’t cracked open yet. Yesterday we went to the University Club Writer’s Group in Iowa City. It was great that she slept both ways in the car, but then she decided to be loud during the writers.

Still learning about indoor voices. She understands what she wants to understand – and at this age it’s difficult to know when she’s just ignoring it.

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