A Good Intention

I had everything out from the critique: the partial manuscript, the comments, and my file for that segment. I even had the notes I made this week close at hand. Still didn’t manage to get it rewritten, or even started.

Time management has been an issue lately. Been focused on other things – though not by choice – and there is never enough time to do everything.

So the house is better, I tutor students, and the writing is slowly slipping. Maybe tonight. Maybe today in the car. Definitely not waiting until I get enough sleep.

The critique’s been brewing in my head for nearly two weeks and it’s helping. On the other hand, I’ve just had a ton of little ideas for this and that crop up.

Focus. I will manage somehow. Any ideas?

3 thoughts on “A Good Intention

  1. I have let my house slip into chaos and my writing has been much better this week. 🙂 No, actually I have started an idea journal. Nothing fancy, just a journal to jot down the ideas in my head that might go somewhere rather than start any new projects. It has been a godsend.

  2. Good idea. Too bad someone else can’t take care of our chaotic houses.

  3. 1. Make a list. (Something about checking items off the list works.)

    2. Create deadlines for yourself. Only works if you believe in the deadline.

    3. Habit. Same writing time, same writing space every day.

    4. Here’s the BEST…(of course only works in first draft, not in edits.) Always write the first line of the scene you’re starting with tomorrow. That way when you start, you don’t face a blank page.

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