Math Doesn’t Suck

You might remember Danica McKellar better for her role on The Wonder Years as Winnie Cooper, or The West Wing as Elsie Snuffin. I didn’t know until I read her book that she’s also an internationally known mathematician.

Her first book is Math Doesn’t Suck and her second is Kiss My Math. Both of these approach the subject with examples, clear writing, and fun stuff to keep the teen/tween girl entertained.

I’m sure everyone’s wondering why I’m reading them. Well, sometimes it’s good to have a different take on it when you want to explain it to someone else, which is what I’ve been doing lately.

I am not fond of our society’s math-phobia, and I hope these books work toward helping young girls (because they’re definitely geared to girls) not be afraid of math.

The book has more than just math problems – it also has fun quizzes and questions and real-life examples of women who did well in math even if they didn’t start out understanding it well. Recommend them to the pre-teen in your life. I definitely will.

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