A Question of Talent

Everyone has a talent. Some of them might not seem so stellar or business-worthy, but you can find an aptitude to something. Some people sing. Others draw. If you wandered here thinking I’m talented at writing, well, today I’m not so sure. What I might really be good at is math.

Don’t ask what I’m doing being a writer then. It’s not that I stink at it. (At least, I hope not.) This is a difficult profession and it takes a lot of work to get anywhere. So I have to have at least a little talent to get the acceptances with which I have been honored. (See, Sarah? I do learn.)

So while writing may not be my greatest talent, there should be a box to check to just say hey, I love this. I love sharing my stories. I will work at all hours, even with the baby not letting me sleep at night, to make the novel read well.

I’ll admit that without sleep that’s really difficult, but I do keep trying.

I won’t deny that there are other writers out there with more talent. One of them we love to hate is in my online critique group. We read his submissions and just wish we could do as well. Some days he admits that what stops him is inside him. He doesn’t know how far he could get. I don’t know how far I can get, either, but I’m working to find out.

I haven’t let fear of rejection stop me. I refuse to think that because I’m not the most talented writer out there that I should give up and do something different. In spite of all the negativity around me, I still pursue my goal.

All I can tell you is that motivation is at least as important as talent, if not more. I have the drive to keep trying. I send things out again once they’re rejected. Sometimes it works, others it doesn’t. But I am absolutely a published author because I didn’t quit, because I didn’t listen to how difficult it was, and because I wanted to make it work.

5 thoughts on “A Question of Talent

  1. Another friend of mine was talking about writing for money and how it wasn’t about that because we could make more money looking for spare change in the park. it was true, very true. Still, we keep plugging away, hoping our stories make us happy and hopefully someone else. 🙂

  2. Hmm, looking for change in the park. Guess I haven’t tried that. 😉

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