Where are we without characters?

Not very far.

I keep trying to limit the number of projects I’m working on, but one character keeps inviting herself into my head. And she doesn’t leave.

I guess it’s a good thing, but it’s a little funny that I want to get through the rewrite and I can think of nothing but what else to do with this other project I’m trying not to write.

Ah, that’s how it goes. So tonight I made notes about her backstory. Perhaps tomorrow we’ll make it better.

2 thoughts on “Where are we without characters?

  1. I love how some characters and stories keep trying to get through our minds and onto the page, even though sometimes it feels like they use a pick-axe to get there. Good luck.

  2. Indeed. Characters are vital in this writing process. I have done something rather unusual this month and focused on one novel. It’s almost a bit weird but I’ve had a great character talking to me all month with his story and even some of the ones that come after it. It’s nice to have the right book, the right character and be able to put it down on paper.

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