A Week of Holidays

No, they’re not all recognized, but it seems like there’s a lot happening this week, between Valentine’s Day, Chinese New Year (Did you welcome in the Tiger?), President’s Day, Mardis Gras, and Ash Wednesday…

And that’s only in the first four days this week. I also know four people with birthdays.

While I’m not physically situated to celebrate with any of those friends, I haven’t done anything for those other five, either. It probably doesn’t count that my dad took me out to breakfast on Monday where he confirmed I would not be able to send my contest article through the mail that day.

(He’s a government employee – I forgot that the post offices were closed when he gets days off.)

I got my envelope weighed yesterday and now everything is good, but it seems like I should be celebrating something.

The baby slept in until just after seven this morning. I guess I’ll count that.

One thought on “A Week of Holidays

  1. Baby sleeping in is certainly a good thing.

    I made dinner on v-day for my mom, stepdad, and grandmother. That was my big celebration. Oh that and anatomy & physiology homework. What a day that was.

    Monday was easy to forget. Mire was set on mailing books that day till I reminded her the post offices would be closed.

    At least you got the article sending all worked out on tuesday. Good luck with it.

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