Ideas, Stories, and Submissions

I recently read an article that compared writers to baseball players. Not for much, just talking about a different thought of success.

We write stories and we submit them to magazines. Once we start getting an acceptance or two – we start thinking every idea we have can be turned into a saleable story, especially after completing an MFA program.

The point is that baseball players have a batting average. Some stories are just better than others. What if we did think about it as writing a .200? Of every five ideas, we finish a short story. Of every five finished stories, one is a gem.

It’s definitely an interesting theory. I know some of my stories touch the reader more than others. I also know some stories I read from other writers make me feel more than others.

4 thoughts on “Ideas, Stories, and Submissions

  1. That is an interesting concept.

    Does it also take into consideration those who think less of their own work? I’ve found many artists and writer’s don’t think much of their work is all that great. Just something I’m curious about.

    Good topic to post in the blog.

  2. I really think it depends on the genre you are writing in. Some genre writers have a near .800 sales record and then in literary writing, where I think it is much harder to come up with a workable idea, that average drops like a rock.

  3. I’m not sure it does. I think it is aimed more at those who believe everything can be polished and published.

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