About Rejections

As writers, if you’ve sent anything out to try to get published it’s much more likely than not that you’ve received a rejection for your work.

I recently saw a discussion online where the editor said she preferred it when writers thanked her for her consideration, even after a form rejection. I’ve never responded to a form rejection. I hate to waste an editor’s time when her inbox is brimming with slushy submissions. I respond to personal rejections, rewrite requests, and -of course- acceptances.

It didn’t occur to me that some of them would want a thank-you no matter what, but is the slight remembrance you get from a returned rejection better than annoyance from others?

Now I’m curious what others have to say on the subject.

3 thoughts on “About Rejections

  1. 4RV has received some notes of thanks when we’ve rejected a manuscript. Of course we send suggestions for improvement, except for two instances, and give the writer the option of re-submitting once the manuscript is revised.

    The two instances where 1. the writer sent graphic sexual scenes after being told personally we would not accept it, and 2. the writer refused to follow submission guidelines even after being given a second chance.


  2. That is interesting. I’ve never actually sent a thank you to any of the ones I’ve sent to and been rejected. I can see the merit of it for some but I don’t think I’d ever really send a thank you for a form rejection. It seems to be a bit much in mind mind to not give a personal rejection but to expect a personal response.

    I always give a thanks for consideration in the submission.

  3. I have sent a few thank you notes, usually after a short list consideration or some very good personal comments. I have never sent one after a form rejection. Half of the editors I send to know me anyway (Horror is a very small community).

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