Preditors and Editors has nominated my book for their reader poll!  Currently I’m tied for fifth place, and I’m so excited about it.

For my dedicated readers, especially those who love my book, I’d appreciate your support in this poll. There are other 4RV publications that could also use support. Last I saw 4RV topped the publishers list.

Poll ends January 14th. I’ll just have to sit on the edge of my chair until then. (Well, more likely chase the baby around the house, but you know what I mean.)

5 thoughts on “Nomination!

  1. Sweet! Congratulations. I am going to go vote now. It was fun to read, you should have the rewards that come with it.

  2. Today is the last day to vote. Many of the 4RV nominations have slipped, some have risen, and 4RV itself has slipped to 2nd in Best Publisher. *sigh*

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