Speaking of Exercises

We had a writer’s workshop at the library. It’s always interesting to go and see what people brought, but the leader asked us to do an exercise to share what we saw and heard in a descriptive fashion. Several of them were very interesting – one described a specific person’s point of view (other than her own) and another talkeda bout the room. A few shared their feelings about the group.

It’s always an interesting exercise to give a different point of view. What’s the first line? What kind of piece are you writing? Whose point of view are you using?

And news of the interesting: I went to a store today to buy some thank-you notes. (I need to mail the ones I have written, but it’s just baby steps.) The sign taped to the cash register read: “NO RETURNS of any graduation merchandise will be excepted after June 1st.” It makes me wonder if they really mean it is going back to normal and how many customers catch that it is wrong.

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