Cyberspace Delays

Ever had emails and text messages not reach their destination instantaneously? We get so accustomed to the immediacy of communication, sometimes it is easy to forget that it can all go awry.

Once, I sent a work-related email to a supplier, and it took a week to get there. I can’t imagine why it didn’t go through. I called the next day since I didn’t get an answer. He called me back the day it arrived.

I sent my parents a text message this week, and it took almost 12 hours to arrive in the designated inbox. They were looking for it, so Mom let me know when it arrived.

It may not be a good plot twist, but sometimes it works – or not, as the case may go. Often it’s better to use a device about not seeing it, being pulled away at the designated moment, than to just have it not arrive.

Readers and believability – must always cater to them!

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  1. 3 August 2010 at 22:42

    I don’t like your template but your posts are quite good so I will check back! Those are from the last time you over soaped your laundry.

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