A Question of Character

Do you know what makes some characters memorable and some not?

Everyone seems to be looking for character-oriented stories. It’s about being memorable, getting the reader to identify, and having a unique voice. Sounds easy when you state it that way, doesn’t it?

But some characters grab us from the first page and don’t let go. Something is the missing link – the part that really hooks a reader. There are actually four types of stories out there – Milieu, Idea, and Event often take the backstage with publishers.

I suppose it makes sense. When we discuss stories, we talk about the characters. We look into the minds of the characters when we read. As readers, we talk about who’s interesting, what’s happening, and sometimes why.

As an author, I struggle to show my characters as well on paper as I see them in my head. I do notice the more I like my characters the worse I make it for them. Poor characters… Not really. As important as the characters are, there must be a plot, and nothing drives a plot like the conflict of giving them such trouble.

One thought on “A Question of Character

  1. I’d think that part of what makes character memorable is the plot, what the character goes through in the story and how they are changed by that.

    I seem to write memorable characters, or so I’ve been told. If I show one of my friends a story that is barely started he always asks for me, even months later. He always asks by the character name which I guess is a good sign.

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