Happens to all of us sometimes. Just got the notice, I didn’t get into Footprints. The editor said I made the final list, but not into the book. I suppose that’s something.

I liked the submission guidelines on that piece, and I stretched myself to meet them. I seem to write novel-length stories, or almost  flash fiction short stories. That anthology required something in between, which I should strive for more often.

The editor also mentioned when the next submission call would be posted. That has to be a good sign, right? I’ll have to check it out. Even if I don’t get accepted, the writing and planning of these stories is good for me.

Next time might be different, though. I’ll only know if I try. Time to get another piece out there – or more if I can manage it.

3 thoughts on “Rejected-

  1. You’re right, every writer gets rejected from time-to-time. Fiction is subject to opinion. You’re story did make it to the final cut, which is awesome. Congratulations on that alone. I wish you the best of luck with your writing!



  2. You’re getting yourself out there in the world of publication and that is awesome. And to make it to final list plus the next submission is a good sign.

    You’re awesome.

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