Truth is stranger than Fiction

Or, at least so I’ve heard so many times with this common adage. There are so many strange stories out there, but I find if I write them as fiction they’re too far out there to be believed.

Isn’t that amazing? You can find patents for crazy inventions, but use those inventions in science fiction (sometimes) and you lose the reader. You can observe behavior in people, but unless you really flesh out the true shadings of the individual the feedback from the average reader is ‘this person could never exist’. You can witness bizarre events, but describe them in detail without the ‘this actually happened’ banner and no one follows your creative path.

I can’t say I’m different than anyone else in that regard, but the observations are interesting. Until something changes, I’ll write on the believable side. Well, except for the suspended belief part of speculative fiction.

One thought on “Truth is stranger than Fiction

  1. I sometimes get that with dialogue. I understand that sometimes it seems a little out there with what the character is saying but usually I’ve heard someone similar make similar comments.

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