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The interesting part of science is the advances they make to try to fix things. What they’re discovering in this article looks like a way to silence genes to promote health. The part that amuses me is where they’re going to make pills to target the parts they want to improve.

Science fact is catching up with science fiction. Star Trek had plenty of little pills or shots to cure what ails – and society does seem to be craving easy solutions to every problem. (Funny, everyone wants to take the easy fix with just a pill, rather than the hard work for actually changing behavior, yet when doctors prescribe medications, they sometimes have trouble getting those same patients to take those doses needed to cure – which leads to some bacteria with strains that are immune to the medicine… but back to the subject.)

I’m waiting for the day when there’s a pill for everything, and we look the other way to get our own solutions. If they do learn to silence the bad genes properl, we could really help a lot of people – but what if by helping them we lose some of the things about our own individuality? We struggle so much, but sometimes that’s what makes us into who we are. On the other hand, it might be nice to take the easy path once in awhile. Medical malpractice might get out of hand, though – “I was looking for the little green pill to help my meory loss, but they gave me the little  dark green pill and now I have no recollection of anything, except that pretty pill…”

Might have to use that in a story, sometime.

One thought on “Geek Appeal

  1. That would make an interesting story.

    This post reminds me of why I love “The Giver”. Never read the sequel, but that book is awesome. It’s vision of the world and what happens when we do have control of everything (weather, sexual desires stopped by a pill, no memory of bad events or good). Just thinking about losing all the great memories makes the bad more acceptable. I wouldn’t want to have control over everything.

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