Staying at home sometimes seems to be viewed by those in Corporate America to be a slacker way to go. I think it can be harder to stay at home and still get things done like I’d like, but I keep trying.

When you go to work, you often have set hours. You definitely get a scenery change. Someone sets goals and you meet them.

At home, I do all of that myself. I set my own goals and reach them. I set my own hours depending on what I need to get accomplished, but sometimes things like grocery shopping get in the way. Or the doctor appointment I expected to be out of the house for a total of one hour and ended up spending two hours only in the office.

Stress is an external factor at a corporate position, but it becomes much more internalized when I stay at home. If I don’t make my goals, there is no one to blame but me. I focus on what I want to achieve and try to find another way to do it in the time I have allotted, which is never easy.

I think the few who think I’m slacking by staying at home just don’t know how much work it is. Okay, I can’t keep up with my housework because I’m generally trying to spend that time writing. I also get a little leeway because I’m eight months pregnant. Sometimes I just have to accept that not sleeping all day is a pretty good goal.

Hey – I blogged today. What else do I need to do? I could rattle off the list, but most of it is baby-related rather than writing-related. Better luck tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “Productivity

  1. Staying at home is definitely a challenge that most people who go to an office don’t understand. they think that every day is a weekend for us when the opposite is true. We never get a weekend. Our week never stops. True, we have a few more freedoms that working at an office can’t afford but we still work hard and once children are in the mix it becomes a bigger production. Good luck.

  2. Until I find a job I guess I’m at home. I’ve been spending it doing nothing online and haven’t written in over a week. Granted I’ve done some editing and submitting of old stories on WDC. But nothing towards my goals. I even missed a deadline for a poem (which I used to write easily).

    It’s hard to keep productivity up in the house.


  3. I agree that working from home is a challenge. When you work in an office, you are able to leave it there (most of the time) and go home. When you work at home, your work is always there, whether it be writing, drawing or whatever, plus there is taking care of small children and housework and cooking.

    Still, I wouldn’t trade it for the world and feel blessed to be able to do work from hom. One big advantage is being available for my kids 24/7, like if they get sick at school and need to be picked up. And my dog likes having me home with her – LOL.

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