Radioland Murders

Yes, the movie. My husband watches it while I’m writing. It isn’t one of my favorites, which makes it easier to focus on other things.

I’d forgotten how amusing the beginning was, with the script that wasn’t finished for the radio production that’s ongoing. They don’t really do scripts that way – they always have it written in advance. I’m sure there have been a fair share of winging it.

I wasn’t one for improv during speech or music classes, but it seems one of those things that get easier with time and familiarity. The first few times I taught yoga I had everything planned far in advance, but after a couple years I didn’t even need the paper in front of me, though I preferred that to announcing poses off the cuff.

Every movie must have some redeeming qualities. Quote: “Back to the word-factory.”

Do you think non-writers like to see the glimpses of the writing life they see in movies, tv, and books? Do they prefer our depictions of other professions? I suppose we all write what we know, so some writers write about writing. I find I like to write about artists, though i don’t do much art (in the sense of drawing or painting or the like) anymore. I ought to write more engineers – but I just haven’t found the right spot to put them yet.

2 thoughts on “Radioland Murders

  1. Interesting blog, Ransom. I never thought about this. *starts thinking*

    I have written about writers, but I’ve also written about other professions, some I have had to research because I knew nothing about them. Mainly, though, I write about people who have a profession, and people are people.

  2. I try to have characters who do a variety of professions. Though I do lean towards artists and such. At least 3 of my characters have been artists. It depends on what seems to fit with the character(if they like the job or not) and what works with the story.

    Some portrayals of writers in literature and movies are interesting and others seem a bit over the top. *shrugs* I haven’t seen too many though.

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