Reading a book, do people actually do that?

“70 percent of energy is emotional, not physical.” This phrase really stuck out at me. We talk about energy, how we have it or we don’t, and we don’t always talk about where it comes from or what we can do to keep it up.

All creative people need energy for their art. Is that why when we work those jobs to pay the bills we get bogged down with details that can’t be reconciled to continue our art? So many times the really creative people get sucked into jobs that limit their outlets in the things we can enjoy.

I can’t say it’s better to be a starving artist, but maybe it takes a lot to overcome the daily necessities to be an artist (I mean this broader than just someone who paints – but also musicians, writers, and all the others who get by on their creative talents).

We also ought to give ourselves a break. Indulge the creativity, but rest when necessary to keep that emotional energy high. So many people have the ability to be creative, but if we let our obligations get to us, it might feel like there isn’t room for the rest.

Enjoy the time to be creative. Get carried away by excitement now and then.

One thought on “Energy

  1. I can totally see the starving artist thing. If I wasn’t married I would probably be living in a trailer court banging out stories on an ancient second or third hand computer for submission. I am thankful I am and can do this from a heated office on a nice little laptop.

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