A purpose to goals

Reaching for the stars might be beyond your grasp, but the effort makes you better, right? At least, as long as you don’t allow yourself to become discouraged.

Goals are there to keep us stretching to improve ourselves. Often we don’t get specific enough or give ourselves the tools to make it. I keep evaluating mine, and a friend sometimes reminds me to revise them.

Things to remember:
1. Be specific about what you want to accomplish.
2. Make sure you have a time frame in mind.
3. Check your progress in time intervals.

Example: I want to revise the current novel I’m working on. I’m editing one or more chapters a week. I’d like to finish it by mid-year, which may be difficult. If something comes up that requires more of my attention, this goal can slip without me giving myself too much trouble.

One thought on “A purpose to goals

  1. I’ve never gotten the time frame part down. Like, I know I want to meet as many of my goals as possible in the year 2009. But not sure when I want to do which goal. Don’t have any dates set as deadlines, or even portions of the year. It’s probably something I should work on.

    You are so right about goals. They are good to have and work on.

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