Novel Writing Software

Black Obelisk

If the only thing you’re lacking to writing a novel is an organization system, this one looks amazing. It has a trial period and a 50% off sale running. (Which means you can get it for only $22.95) There’s also a trialpay offer to get it free, but I’m leery of those. It often seems like you end up paying more for something you didn’t want in the first place.

Black Obelisk keeps your place, has room for pictures, and automatically backs up. It has places for your music so you don’t have a reason to get out of your chair. Timelines and dossiers on your characters give you instant access to that little detail you need to finish your chapter. That is only the beginning to their list of features, however. It uses simple file formats (TXT, RTF, and ZIP) so anything you create, even during the trial period, is available in the future.

Definitely looks worth checking out. I wonder if that snazzy black and gray color is the only theme it has.

3 thoughts on “Novel Writing Software

  1. I still use the generic but very user friendly Microsoft Works (Not Word, I can’t afford that) Of course I am only interested in getting the words on the page so I am not asking for any frills.

  2. That DOES look pretty cool. I’m wondering, though, if having so many “tools” would only distract me instead of help me.

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