Geek Appeal

Ever noticed that each new portable electronic device leads to another power cord? I guess I’m not the only one… Splashpower has developed a new pad to charge our electronic devices without plugging them in.

Each device would require a small change; the addition of a chip less than one millimeter thick and an extra cost of only a quarter would make them compatible with Splashpower’s new pad. (I’m sure the quarter reflects cost to the company, not the price they’re going to charge end consumers.) Splashpower’s charging pad has a projected retail between $25 and $50.

Over the holidays, I’d volunteered to take a friend to the airport. Early that morning before we left, she called to figure out if I could help her charge her iPod. She’d grabbed the wrong cable as she left home the week before, and her battery didn’t last a week. (She’d listened the entire flight, which stretched her NaNo’s capabilities.) Lucky for her I had one, but this new device would put both of our worries to rest.

I’d love it if my only issue was to remember one thing, instead of one cord/cable for each device I take with me. I’m well-known for forgetting my phone charger, which is why I keep a charger in my vehicle. It’s added up to a lot of extra money, because each phone needs a new one.

I hope they do manage to market it as they plan.

Read more: Splashpower and BBC News.

One thought on “Geek Appeal

  1. I saw this on tv this weekend. Very cool. It looks like an electric griddle. Unfortunately it doesn’t do pancakes but i do like the premise. (I am all for standardized adapters anyway. I have a whole cabinet full of the little b*^%*&%s.

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