Each of us has different areas we’re confident in pursuing. These talents vary, and we measure ourselves against the best and brightest in each.

Some days, that’s not the best decision. We falter in our forward progress, see that we’re not cut out for the big time, and become frustrated or disillusioned. We need peptalks from friends and family to get going on our paths again. A few give up entirely and choose another area of interest to dabble in.

Don’t quit something you love. The beauty of hobbies is you can do something you’re not perfect at and still just enjoy it. I’ll never be a great guitarist, but that doesn’t stop me from playing and learning. I’ll always write, whether I get published again or not – though I do keep hoping for the former rather than the latter.

May you find your motivation wherever you need it, and not give up on the little things that make life so much fun.

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