Critiquing, Continued…

I think part of the thing about critiquing is understanding your style as a reader. You read the same things you write, so it just makes a lot more sense as you re-read.

The same is not true for others, but by learning the different styles and expanding our horizons, we can give and receive better feedback.

I’ve found it’s also helpful to identify problems before asking others to read, because it helps both of us get what I want out of it. 1. You get to help where you know the problems are and 2. They often will agree those are where the trouble spots are, but if they find others, they can bring them up.

The most important thing is to critique the piece, and not the subject (why would you write about that?) or the author. The most important part of getting a critique, is to know it isn’t personal. It has nothing to do with how good of a writer you are or aren’t; it is a personal opinion about the piece you wrote. We all have good days of writing, and we have bad days. We don’t nail every subject as well as we could the first time.

That’s why we edit, polish, and get critiques.

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