Fiction for Everyone

In the column linked below, Stephen King talks about “manfiction” and “chick lit” with the assertion that, though women buy more books, men do still read.

Both genders are looking for escape and entertainment. While women seek romantic options, men crave – to quote a friend – naked women and blowing things up. There was a third thing on his list; it might have been car chases. I get his point. He, like most men in general, wants action.

I’m sure we could follow this trend in the box office, too. How many men are willing to go see chick flicks? My husband does, but I found out recently with a conversation between my friends how rare he is. Yes, he goes because I enjoy them, but I’m appreciative that he goes.

I suppose I’m just not the average woman, that I like blowing things up, too. We have all the James Bond movies, and we enjoy watching them.

When reading the column, I kept thinking there ought to be a middle ground between with enjoyment for everyone. Everyone seemed to read Harry Potter, but where is the equivalent in the adult fiction sections?

Steven King’s Column

One thought on “Fiction for Everyone

  1. My wife and I have found that Dean Koontz is our go between writer. She likes his newer stuff and I enjoy it as well.

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