On Happiness

Do you notice the moods of others and how they affect you?

I am not sure I did as much when I was younger. I had a couple friends that were very negative for several years. I noticed it much more when we stopped hanging out as a group. One in particular brought out much more negative emotions, and when my time included others with more positive attitudes, I saw a big shift in my overall moods.

That isn’t to say I don’t have bad moods or good moods on my own. I just really agree with the article listed below that the people around you can really affect how you perceive things. I find it a little disconcerting that my friends’ friends could affect me as much as they do, but I also think if you choose well the people you spend time with, they’ve also generally made similar choices.

Choosing to be happy might only be half the battle, but it is a battle with a potentially winning strategy.

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One thought on “On Happiness

  1. I am thinking of hanging out with successful dead writers more often. Just to see if their literary genius can rub off on me. I have my shovel ready and I am waiting for inspiration.

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