Attempt to Publish

I’m always both excited and nervous when it comes time to submit to a new market. I have a short story geared toward children I’m sending to a magazine that’s a bigger market than I’ve tried before. Usually I’ve been submitting adult articles to science fiction magazines, so it’s different that way, too.

I like the e-submit options that a lot of those magazines have. However, there’s something about actually printing the story that makes me keep reading it over. How good is good enough? When do you stop and just mail it? Where did I leave all my envelopes? (I moved a few months ago and I haven’t necessarily figured out where I put everything yet, though most things I ‘lose’ can be found within a few minutes searching.)

I promised myself it’d be ready to mail this week and Wednesday turned into Friday. I wasn’t planning to go to the post office today, but I’d better if I’m going to meet my goal!

The ‘good’ versus ‘good enough’ question gets a lot of writers, I think. I know several who don’t send things out, always tweaking just a little bit more. As we learn, yes, our stories improve, but if we never send anything out, what progress are we making? Isn’t the purpose to share?

3 thoughts on “Attempt to Publish

  1. The e-submit has spoiled us all, I think. I almost prefer them now. Getting that quick confirmation e-mail that my work has arrived is MUCH better than waiting 6-8 weeks for a rejection in the old fashioned mailbox.

  2. good luck. I just had a case of close but no cigar with a rejection that I got last night. Of course it was horror and not meant for children but you get the idea.

  3. Good luck to both of you, as well. The most important thing is getting out there with the best you have at the moment!

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