Don’t Forget the Science

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Oh, I love science and the opportunity to learn for free. The heart of science fiction is always in the science where it begins. The writer can take as many liberties as can be believed by the reader, but it has to start with known science and end where the imagination can logically take the story.

“What if?” is the best question to answer. It isn’t always something from another world based on science to make the fiction. It’s the driver for every story ever told.

Where have the questions taken you recently?

What If – Then What?

Speculative fiction is based on what if. All it takes is one small question to begin the process. What if?

It’s after that – the process of building the then what‘s that really builds the world from the writer’s mind. The then what‘s nail down the particulars. After that, a story shines through.

But don’t think I’m advocating a story about a thing- stories are about people. The character must change; that is the beauty of story.