Pen Women

National League of American Pen Women

I recently joined the Pen Women. It’s an interesting organization where (mostly) you need to have earned money from your artistic creations to join. Men can join; I forget the name they’re given.

Most of the women are advanced in years- I’m the youngest by a long shot. It was nice to show off my twins (pictures of my new daughter and copies of my new novel). We listened to a singer – songwriter talk about her journey with music and a couple of her original songs. She expressed interest in joining, and I really hope she does. She’s pretty interesting and I enjoyed her work.

At first I didn’t know there were three branches of Pen Women: Art, Letters, and Music. I qualify under letters as an author. I’m one of the few prose authors in the group qualified under letters. Most are poets and we have a few musicians and artists. They’re all distinguished women, however, and I appreciate spending time with them.

Does that make me distinguished by association? Now that’s an interesting thought.