Do you ever feel like you want something bad enough just to make it happen with the power of your will? I have a list of things I ought to be doing, but sometimes I just think it’d be nice to have the baby and not be quite so uncomfortable and forget about the rest of it.

I clean and I’m proofreading my manuscript. It doesn’t feel like a lot to do in the few days of this week so far, but it does add up to a lot of time. Running errands as well, of course. Can’t get by without that!

I suppose if I were to invent something, I’d make the housework do itself. We had a joke going on about that in college, where we had a robot that’d do dishes and laundry and take care of every need so we could do fun things with our lives. Our group of friends even had enough engineers to design it. It must have been a lot more fun to talk about than actually do, because we never got farther than detailing the specs.

But if i get ambitious one day, I’ll just will it into being. Wouldn’t it be nice?

Geek Appeal


They’re wonderful tools in fiction, but the scientists are doing their best to catch up to the writers’ imaginations. I find it amazing they’ve figured out how to make the robot respond with seeming empathy to stimuli.

Of course they have a bit to go for looks. Their current picture looks like a lego guy with Einstein’s face attached. Definitely an oddity.

Scientists aren’t always known for their aesthetic values, though. They’re the ‘function’ lot. When they let the fashion gurus in, the clashes begin because the process of prettying up the prototype often involves difficult changes to the functional part of the machine.

Bugs the heck out of engineers to figure out how to make things work once that new design has that polished look. There is no end to the work!