The Race is On!

So far, the book is winning. Received the author’s proof PDF today. So, I sat down to read a book I’ve read many times before, that I wrote.

I made it over halfway through so far. Marking up random things that haven’t translated. You’d think we’d have caught everything with as many eyes have gone over this manuscript by now. Most of it is simply formatting for the printer. Okay, all but one definitely are, but reading through another time to make certain that’s all there is.

I think I can get through this by Monday.

Perhaps the book will be done first? All I know is I’m in for a very interesting month.

While reading…

Do you wonder how many people notice small errors? It’s one thing to misspell a word here or there, but what about a consistent misspelling? Or when you use the wrong word entirely?

I know authors and editors all comb through books several times to make sure things are error-free, but I also know sometimes things sneak in at the last moment.

Readers, I hear, mark out the wrong words and spell them correctly if it bothers them. I’m actually not one to do that. I don’t usually mark up books at all. If I read them often they begin to get soft on the bindings. (I’m a paperback sort of girl – I only get hardcovers on sale.) Still, I enjoy the story even if a typo sneaks in. When something becomes riddled with errors it becomes painful to sort out the story, which is why we proofread at all.

The weirdest thing I ran into with books I’ve purchased – I have one book that repeats about 50 pages. I don’t have 50 pages, and I have yet to call the publisher and ask after them. (Shame on me.) I don’t read it often enough to wonder what happened in the missing section, but it intrigued me that the book made it to the shelves that way.