A Question of When

When do you do your writing? Priorities scream at everyone, and we choose what we’ll do every day. And we put in as much as we can…

So there’s a job. And a family. And all that other stuff we think has to be done, whether we get paid for it or not. At the end, we’re exhausted. Yet we still find time to write.

Sure, some don’t. What’s a writer who doesn’t write? Just an r?

I’m just curious when the rest of you find time. We do. There are 24 hours in a day, and the most important things get done. At least, until there are too many top-list priorities. But that’s another problem to be tackled separately.

The Priorities

Some days, you just have to give yourself time to figure out what’s important.

Starting new projects is interesting, terribly easy, and then requires thought/guilt/determination to finish. A rewrite can sometimes be difficult to get the motivation for, but with short time it can be better suited to short times in front of the screen when interruptions are imminent.

Blogging and tweeting shouldn’t take long, but sometimes I just get stumped. Then there’s all that housework that can be so distracting! (Yes, there might be a little sarcasm there.)

And not to forget, that little fussy girl who always comes first. When I work out what I’m working on, she decides it’s time for her! Better luck when she naps. Please, nap soon?