Phone Calls

Ever get a phone call from someone you don’t know? I returned a call from a number I didn’t recognize. I only did it because the caller left a message and I realized that my voicemail no longer identifies me as the recipient, just my number. I probably ought to switch that, but I’ve been occupied with other things.

I got another call today from a former through-work acquaintance. I’ve been ‘retired’ for 14 months now, and he no longer works for the same company, either. He thought he could get new contacts, but I don’t think anybody told him I retired from engineering entirely.

I don’t miss it most days. Then again, sometimes the little girl has a bad day… Those are the days I miss going to a job. No, not much even then. Adults are sometimes more difficult to handle. At least my daughter’s probably only interested in being held, fed, or changed. And her smiles make everything great.