Writing Passion

I read a lot of books about writing. Each one is different and contains some bit of information (or more than one) that takes me in my path to become a better writer.

The most recent one explores, as part of setting goals, passion. Part of it deals with the “one-sentence pitch.” (I’ve always heard it called a premise.) I wrote one before my most-recent in progress novel, “Four young teens whose goal is to each be ‘normal’ are beset by nightmares sent to them by a desperate other-being who wants to regain his freedom.”

Moving on from that, the book also explores goals as a writer to show how to give each story your own unique mark. Examples given:
“I want to write X stories with Y and Z. (I want to write sensual stories with suspense and intrigue.)
X and Y are what writer Z is all about. (Spunky heroines and slapstick comedy are what Jack Doe is all about.)”

I wonder how many of the authors I know use a formula like that. I think I write in several different areas, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love each of them. In one way, you can see it easily getting slated for one genre- sensual stories might put someone in romance, for example. It also works across genres to say that perhaps the action stories the author chose to write would have a sensual side.

I’ve been giving it some thought. I’m working on my own words to fill in X, Y, and Z, but I just haven’t found them yet.