Social Networking

Might want to think again about those social networking sites like Facebook, Flickr, and Twitter… read article here.

It amazes me just how much we can do on those. I must admit I’m only on Facebook because I can only keep up with so many sites, but I do hear about a lot of the other ones and wonder.

The article talks about how the younger generation has an ‘innate radar’ to know that there may be inaccuracies with immediate coverage of news, but also that they’re out to share it right away. There is only so much space to post little blurbs, but anyone can say a lot with few words when necessary.

I do plan to use the Facebook page for promoting my book when it comes out, but I’m not regular enough to be uploading news. Also, the guy in question uploaded to Twitter via his phone, and mine’s just not that cool – yet.

So next time you hear someone make comments about the uselessness of social networking sites (or you actually hear them spewing from your mouth), you might want to reconsider.

In deference to the holiday

I looked for a cheery news article to share. You know, something happy and upbeat to show the spirit was alive and well.

I found a boy who’s thriving after being born with his heart outside his chest. Everything else had a decidedly downbeat vibe: 10 dumbest things from Wall Street in 2008, Retailers who are simply trying to survive with the economy, and the weather.

The worst part about winter is the cold, snow, ice, sleet, and all that other junk. Why do I live in Iowa again? Luckily my husband takes care of the driveway and I don’t have to go outside the house again today.

Happy Holidays to all!