Of Course, There’s an App for That, But Does It Help?

I have a Surface tablet. I still use my iPad. I have an Android phone. I’m often confused which platform I am using.

My husband wanted to get me a great gift with the Surface (RT). I had the touch keyboard at first, but it annoyed me that I couldn’t type more than 40 wpm. I brokeĀ that barrierĀ once, with great concentration and pounding my fingers into the thing. He switched the cover with the typing cover – about three times the thickness but it has actual keys. I love actual keys. At least I no longer have to worry about the keyboard slowing me down.

My Android phone also has the hidden keyboard, rather than the touch screen. One of my friends always questions how I can text her so fast, and that’s the reason.

I can’t let go of my iPad, though. The Surface was meant to replace it. I keeping seeing those commercials where the Surface beats the iPad. I’m sure that depends on how you use it. If I’m using social media, I pretty much want my iPad. When I update Facebook, Twitter, anything that ought to scroll – the Microsoft version dumps it all in on top, so you have to go down to read the new stuff, then go back to the top, then do it again. The iPad and Android versions all give you a break, then put them on top so you can scroll through them at will in the same direction. It seems like such a small thing, but it annoys me enough to reach for another device.

My phone won’t let me send direct messages on Twitter. No idea why. Just another quirk. I’m trying not to worry about it too much. My son is about to enter his terrible twos. My last phone didn’t survive my daughter through that age.

My WordPress app on the Surface won’t let me schedule posts in advance. I can save them as drafts, but I can only access them from the app. So if I happen to be away when I remember I can send it, it won’t let me. That’s enough to remind me to log into the site instead of using the app.

There are a few apps I use that don’t annoy me, but it seems like I often reach for the iPad when I’m home and scrolling through something.

Typing, however, is wonderful on the Surface. So every time I do 750words or respond to an email or participate with my writing community – that’s all on the Surface. It’s pretty handy to not have to visit my desktop in my office.

That always reminds me I need to clean my office.

For the update on my book progress: I have managed 30k+ on book 3. I think I’ve given up for now on trying to write the novel backwards. I kept going forward from that last plot point to fill in the things I had left out when I jumped. I also realized I knew exactly where this novel started. I had trouble figuring out where I was in the plot when I tried from the end forward. It was still worth the effort, and I’m not done with this book yet. About 40k to go this month.