I don’t know about how to become one, or necessarily how to find one, but one of my buddies said she thought of me as hers.

Isn’t that just interesting? Forging a path through the field of choice and sharing what you learn is just par for the course, isn’t it? Or is there something more to being a mentor?

I’ve been trying to think if I have one, and I’m not sure I do. That would go with the definition I think of as a mentor of one to look up to as well as learn from. Not that I don’t look up to plenty of writers or try to learn all that I can, but I am not sure I have found the embodiment of those in one person who is around me to impart wisdom.

Then again, I don’t think of myself as the mentoring type. Sure, I’ll help out, share things I’ve learned, but none of that makes what I learn in return less valuable.

Perhaps it’s just to think of myself as a forever-student. Others may apply labels as desired. (Just so long as they’re nice.)