Social networking sites are fun, time-consuming, and yet still worthwhile for getting the word out. I set up a page on Facebook as a writer, and I have 17 fans! Okay, I knew them all already, so far, but that doesn’t meanĀ  the word isn’t getting out. We all start with people we know and build an audience from there.

At least it’s a nice start.

I heard over the holidays that a bunch of the creative/artist types are at LiveJournal, but I haven’t checked that out yet. It’s always about balancing the time we have between what we want to do (the creative bit), what we have to do (promotion and marketing), and distractions (oh, my friend is online and I haven’t chatted with her in forever).

I like to add things slowly, but then I get excited and do more. Then I remember that I’d really rather focus on my creative efforts, and sometimes I miss something.

Lists are wonderful for that. So are emailed reminders.