The more I read these days, the more I’ve begun looking for the pieces that hold the story together.

This type of analysis is good, except sometimes it gets in the way of the reading for pleasure I did for so long. It’s almost impossible to read without looking for things to tweak, though I reserve most of that for my own pieces.

The writing is going slowly since I need to focus during naps, but at least I’m attempting it.


Just because my book is out, doesn’t mean I’ve quit with the short stories. Sent one out this week. Still waiting on one from December. I ought to see what else I could send out.

Admittedly I’ve been busy with book promotion, but mostly it’s the baby taking time. She’s sleeping while munching right now, so I am getting good at typing with one hand – either to blog, or do facebook and twitter, or to edit and polish projects.

I’m also reacquainting myself with the published works I am working so hard to join. “Literary Analysis” according to a friend, though most people call it reading.