Traveling with Baby

Throws the entire schedule off. Hers and mine!

I forget how much we almost have a schedule until we start messing with it by driving several hours to see family. Last time it wasn’t so pronounced. Hopefully she’ll manage to get back to something regularish… soon!

If you didn’t see the interview with Katie Hines yesterday, check it out here. I’m excited to say I’ll have another interview coming up, details when I get them.

Coming Soon!

Everything you wanted to know about The Art of Science – well, except to read full book – in the form of a blog tour, beginning May 20th. The schedule will be posted at the beginning of next week.

I also have a blog interview scheduled for June 24th with Katie Hines.

Looking into ordering some business cards and post cards to promote the book, as well. I’ll need to put my plan together for appearances. Details to follow.