The Art of Science: Day 5

Late with this post for a couple of reasons. First, I waited to see if the hostess today would get hers up, but I haven’t heard from her. This is unusual, but as things go with people you only know online – something could prevent her from getting her access to a computer and that’s just how it goes. We’ve all had moments where life gets in the way.

Instead of going somewhere else, I ought to say something here. What about this book? (Also keeping in mind things that will be said tomorrow at the final stop.)

One thing that excited me were the illustrations. I didn’t know how they’d go at first. I didn’t know how they’d be chosen or what exactly to expect.

I didn’t choose theĀ  cover art. Vivian had an idea and communicated it with Stephen, but I fell in love with it when I saw it. Then it came time to talk about the other illustrations.

I chose them, where they went, what they portrayed. It took me awhile to put it together. I have so much to learn about the limitations of the medium chosen- the pen and ink drawings- and how best to fit it with the story.

At first I tried to choose illustrations that would be too complicated. I really like how they turned out in the end. Stephen did a wonderful job, and they were completed so fast. (Seemingly fast because it takes me forever to draw anything freehand.)

Thanks, Stephen, for your wonderful illustrations.

Book to be Illustrated

The Art of Science will be published with illustrations. Looked like we’re done with revisions and the book will be formatted soon. Eight illustrations will be dispersed throughout the book.

I’m excited to see what the illustrations will look like. It takes time to find an illustrator. They will be pen and ink. There are often many options, but this isn’t my area of expertise. It differs from other types of books, in that there are illustrations (different from an adult novel) but that they aren’t showing a story to a child who can’t read yet (picture book). It’s interesting to straddle the line between those two, and it opens my eyes to how much I don’t know about children’s books and their illustrations.

More research, and probably more posts ahead.

Final Revisions?

Oh, I’ve been getting close to that. This time you know it has to be good if I get to choose where the illustrations are going!

There aren’t going to be that many, but it’s still exciting. I read through the final draft last night, and I’m still considering the illustration options.

I’ve also been working on my press kit. It’s a good thing for any author who promotes a book. There are even services out there to make them for you – but they’re quite expensive. Definitely worth doing yourself. Also, it gives an author the knowledge base to promote herself and a focusing point for bringing it up.

At least, I think so. Either way, progress feels good.