A Sustainable Question

How often do we think about the products we use with regard to sustainable materials?

I know Gaiam has several items and there are directories (EcoSherpa is one) where you can find things for yoga. There is SpeeSees for children’s attire. Larger cities often have boutiques geared toward this niche market.

Yoga led me to look at a bigger picture, though I must admit I still use harsh cleaning products. (For now, I keep thinking about going greener in my house and I’ve been reading up on how to do it.)

I don’t often think about it, but when I see it I like it and I will purchase it, provided it isn’t cost-prohibitive. Not saying it has to be less expensive, but sometimes it’s really hard to say yes to buying something ten times the price because it doesn’t hurt the environment. The pocketbook doesn’t always allow that!

I do like seeing companies that make an effort on that front and I am more likely to support them than their counterparts who don’t.

I loved the idea of flushable diapers, but unfortunately my new house has toilets that won’t work with it. (Or so I have been told.) My washing machine also saves too much water to be able to really clean cloth diapers. This really limits my options toward being eco-friendly in that department.